Gym Memberships

Gym Espace Forme, a key component of Club de Tennis Île des Sœurs, is often described as a  « well-kept secret»! Discover a fitness center airy and clean, with natural light, and great views of nature. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with welcoming staff .

Choose between 3 membership options : No initiation fees


12 months


A great value
$480 ($40/month)

Short term

4 months

4 months

A short term commitment,
ideal for the « snow birds »!
$220 ($55/month)

À la carte



No commitment!

$0 initiation fees

Membership discounts per age group (with an annual membership only)

  • Between 16 and 18 years: 50 % off
  • Young adult between 19 and 25 years: 30 % off
  • 65 years and over: 10 % off

All our memberships include:

  • Access to a complete array of cardiovascular equipment (Star Trac and Jacobs Ladder);
  • Access to strength training equipment (Atlantis) and free weights training area;
  • Access to our weightlifting area (Pendlay Olympic platform and accessories);
  • Access to our functional training zone and accessories (BOSU, kettlebells, elastic bands, etc.);
  • Access to the stretching / recovery area and accessories (foam rollers, straps, blocks, etc.);
  • Access over 30+ weekly group exercise classes (3 studios, Keiser stationary bikes, yoga mats, etc.);
  • Lockers, towel service and sauna.

One-day Access Card:

A $ 16 fee gives you a one-day access to our training center, including the above equipment, and a maximum of 1 exercise group class; as well as locker rooms, towels, etc. A maximum of 3 visits per individual per year is allowed.

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