Whether you are a novice or real fanatic tennis player, you will discover an impressive variety of activities where you will enjoy the full benefits of your membership. Our team of tennis professionals is committed to help you find the tennis league that will be the right fit for you.


Play better in



You want to improve your game !

The “Play Better” activities allow you to improve your technical and gameplay tactics in singles or doubles!

Content in singles

  • Goal : Oriented towards singles gameplay strategies to improve efficiency during matches
  • Plan : Focused training and thematic singles matches with various opponents
  • Content in doubles

    • Goal: Better understanding of doubles gameplay strategies improving better teamwork.
    • Plan : Focused training and thematic doubles matches with various partners


Up and Down Challenge



You love to be challenged!

Competitive matches that allow you to play for a short period of time and to compete against different opponents aiming to reach the top court


  • Goal : Meet various types of players in a competitive environment
  • Plan : Super 11-points tie-break. The winner moves up and the looser moves down in the court ranking.


Performance Tennis



You want to be more intense on the court!

Progress quickly on the court through tennis group workshops.


  • Goal : Increase your intensity on the court
  • Plan : Dynamic training and single and/or double matches





You want to improve your physical fitness!

Intense training requiring a lot of mobility, impoving your physical fitness by hiting a high number of balls.

Tennis Fitness content

  • Goal : Increase your intensity & stamina on the court
  • Plan : Dynamic training and single and/or double matches
  • Tennis Tonic content

    • Goal : Increase your intensity on the court with drills
    • Plan : Dynamic drills





Meet new partners!

Competitive matches against different opponents of your level.

Singles Ranking League
Day Hour Cost Level
Monday 8pm-9:30pm $27 2.5 and +
Tuesday 9pm-11pm $22 2.5 and +
Wednesday 11:30am-1pm $27 2.5 and +
Friday 7:30pm-9pm $22 2.0 and +
Sunday 5pm-7:30pm $22 2.0 and +
Singles league content

    Goal : Play matches and accumulate ranking points along the way.

  • Monday, Tuesday & Friday: Complete best out of 3 sets match.
    - Match winner gains 30 points
    - Loser gains between 8 and 24 points

  • Wednesday: 3x30 minutes sets, up and down format.
    - Set winner gains 10 points
    - Set loser gains 3 points
  • Doubles league content

    • Goal : Play double matches and meet new players of the club
    • Plan : Double rotations with a new partner each time