Women Interclub

Women Interclub,
for those who wish to
compete in doubles

For all women

from levels 1 to 4

Women Interclub

The core of Women Interclub remains competitive tennis, but it also leaves place for the growth of long lasting friendships between women sharing the same passion.

Train and compete in double

TENNIS FÉMININ INTERCLUB MONTRÉAL is a competitive double tennis league between every Montreal area indoor tennis clubs.

Players’ classification is structured in four levels to form teams of at least 10 players. Every week, a team of 6 players plays another team of same category on 3 courts, in double. Club de Tennis Île des Sœurs is represented by 10 teams spread across all 4 levels.

Training and matches starts in September and continue until the end in March. The playoffs start immediately after until the end of April to conclude with the finals: a full day of activities and festivities.