The Academy: Our Competitive Program

Our mission is to train young talents to become national champions, capable to fight through any difficulties.  Players will demonstrate sportive and competitive spirit and true willingness to reach the highest summits.

This program is exclusively designed for skilled young players who wish to compete at a high level. They will be trained to reach the best possible results in provincial, national and international competitions.


Futures Étoiles 1 & 2 groups



Bring together talented kids who demonstrate strong potential and help them grow quickly to a higher development level.

  • Scout young girls and boys with a high growth potential
  • Provide basic techniques while having fun playing
  • Respect the training duration to plan the future
  • Support the young players where the growth to next level is more difficult
  • Support and keep parents informed on the sporting project of their child


Espoir & Relève groups



Improve the technical and tactical knowledge, physical and mental preparation to get ready for the next training level.

  • Provide each player with the appropriate technique that will not limit the development progress
  • Maintain a passion for hard work to reach a higher level
  • Ensure they have the right competitive mindset while we support their growth and results during tournaments.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to their Club
  • Show a sportive and competitive spirit


Développement and Tennis-Études groups



Train players having the skills to reach the Canadian and International level competitions.

  • Raise the effort and level requirements of all training aspect for a successful achievement.
  • Balance high level training with scholar program.
  • Reinforce the team spirit between players to contribute to each other success
  • Develop athletes’ self-confidence and autonomy during their growth progress